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Girl can't help it

I'm Donna Mackenzie-Smyth and I’ve had 32 years in the beauty industry working for the likes of Mary Quant, Charles of the Ritz, YSL, Benefit, Clarins, Objectives

Girls we just can't help it....

Impulse buys/buzz word purchases.

Let me give your makeup bag a makeover to help with the impulse buys that we all make.

Shopping in your lunch hour... stopped by a perfectly made up consultant who is telling you that you can't live without the latest buzz word product... She doesn't really listen to what you want from a product! She's trying to hit her target for the latest 'must have'. Needless to say you buy it but don't really know how to use it.

The average woman in the UK will spend £100,000 in a lifetime on beauty products!

The reality is we only use three or four items in our makeup bags!

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