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Girl can't help it

Girls we just can't help it....

Impulse buys/buzz word purchases.

Let me give your makeup bag a makeover to help with the impulse buys that we all make.

Shopping in your lunch hour... stopped by a perfectly made up consultant who is telling you that you can't live without the latest buzz word product... She doesn't really listen to what you want from a product! She's trying to hit her target for the latest 'must have'. Needless to say you buy it but don't really know how to use it.

The average woman in the UK will spend £100,000 in a lifetime on beauty products!

The reality is we only use three or four items in our makeup bags!

My aim

makeupbagBring me your makeup bag and together we will go through it. Look at the products you've purchased and get a better understanding of how to use them.

I will spend time creating your perfect look from what's in your makeup bag! Teaching you how to love those misunderstood makeup purchases.

Makeup Shakeup

powders1Makeup shakeup.

Have a party and invite your friends for an evening of makeup advice and fun.

Just invite friends and I will give each guest an individual makeup bag reality check! If there are some makeup no no's! Easy I pop them in a swap them with a friend bag. No feeling of pressure to buy because there is nothing to buy, sit and relax have fun.

Host gets her shakeup free for hosting the evening.

Makeover Takeover

loadsMakeover Takeover

A personalized one to one advice on the contents of your makeup bag with a tailored tutorial.



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